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How Madison Marketing Group Helped the FDA Group Increase Five-Year Sales Revenue by 317% & Achieve 37x Marketing ROI

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The FDA Group had ambitious growth goals, but lacked the strategy to achieve them.

In 2015, The FDA Group had just had its best year ever. The pharmaceutical medical device and biologic consulting company was growing fast and wanted to hit even bigger targets in 2016, but their current marketing partner offered a simple and unfocused strategy.

After a rigorous qualification process, the FDA Group chose Madison Marketing Group as their new partner. Together, they implemented a data-driven strategy that reinvested marketing dollars in effective tactics that generated better ROI.

The result?

  • 195% more leads generated per quarter in 2016
  • 818% more leads generated per quarter in 2017
  • 1, 478% more leads generated per quarter in 2018

  • 2,100% more leads generated per quarter in 2019
  • 3,226% more leads generated per quarter in 2020

By 2020, the FDA Group had achieved 37x ROI

Madison Marketing Group helped The FDA Group achieve 37x ROI
"Chris, I would like to share with you my absolute pleasure in working with your team. They are extremely responsive and their output is amazing. They are very collaborative and definitely think about what they are doing to optimize results." -email from The FDA Group President and CEO Nick Capman to Madison Marketing Group President and CEO Chris Murvine, January 2018

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